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Over the past 50 years advances in medical science have resulted in an increase in life expectancy in many developed countries. Now the challenge is to ensure that this increased life expectancy is coupled with high quality wellbeing.
Over the past three years CRUCIBLE has brought together research groups from across UCL to meet this challenge by creating, supporting and delivering innovative research. The subsequent research has been truly interdisciplinary ensuring that problems associated with lifelong health and wellbeing are investigated in their totality. See details of the different projects, events and studentships funded by Crucible here (PDF - 573Kb). Crucible is also affiliated with the International Longevity Centre-UK..
Reasons to join
CRUCIBLE makes it easy to locate, connect and collaborate with colleagues in other departments of UCL.
CRUCIBLE gives you a secure place online to share ideas and concepts with colleagues, including places to store documents.
CRUCIBLE informs you of events and funding opportunities
CRUCIBLE can offer you financial support to ensure you reach the funding submission stage.
Please take a look around this website and see how CRUCIBLE can help you connect with the new collaborators and create stimulating research. Members of UCL can register by signing in using their UCL ID and password.

Latest News

UCL Digital Humanities Month – April 2013

Wednesday 10th of April 2013
April 2013 is Digital Humanities Month at UCL.  As well as the Project Workshop that is taking place on 25th-26th April and the undergrad ... Read Full Article
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Current Projects and Studentships

Intravesical-intramural drug reservoirs to annihilate intracellular, urothelial bacterial pathogens

Wednesday 30th of November 2011
We have found that a major cause of urinary incontinence in adult life, particularly in the elderly, the overactive bladder, is commonly caused by subtle bacter ... Read Full column

Re-engineering fly embryo patterning from the outside

Wednesday 30th of November 2011
Genetically encoded morphogens control tissue patterning, and when deregulated can contribute to defects in tissue architecture in diseases such as cancer. In o ... Read Full column
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